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International Journal of Sociology and Humanities

Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A (2021)

Socio-economic status and chronic kidney disease problems among the fisher community in Uvari coastal panchayat of Tirunelveli district


S W P Prabakaran

This Paper attempts to analyse the impact of Chronic Kidney Disease among the fisher community and also the level and extent of toll on the family income and Livelihood of Fisher community in the Uvari coastal Panchayat of Tirunelveli Districts. The major objectives of the study include (i) to highlight the socio-demographic profile of the fisher community in Uvari Panchayt. (ii) To examine the type of factors responsible for kidney diseases by the fishermen’s family. (iii) To understand what level the kidney diseases affect the family income and National income. (iv) to assess what type of precaution should be taken to prolong their Healthy life as well as life span. The study covers a sample of 225 respondents in Uvari Panchayat of Rathapuram Black Union of Tirunelveli District. The 225 respondents are above 1.5 mg/dl Urea-Creatinine Patients. Snow-ball sampling technique was used to indentify the respondents. They were approached through various sources of Christian missionary Hospital, Private hospital Nurses, patient to patient conduct and Community Political leaders. Out of 225 respondents, over two-fourth (57 %) of the family heads take three to five times dialysis treatment per month. And nearly one fifty of the women respondents were affected by kidney diseases. Of the samples nearly one-tenth of the respondents’childrens were affected and taking treatment. Over two-third (72 %) of the respondents spend Rs.500-1000/- per dialysis treatment, monthly Rs. 5,000 to 6,000/ rupees spend for their dialysis. The Fishing Community undergo treatment under Chief Minister’s Health Schemes. In addition to that, they have to shell out Extra expenses as mentioned above. For the last three years more than 54 fishermen died owing to Kidney failures. There is no Government and private Kidney hospital in and around 75 kms. Most of the people urge to establish Government Neurology/Nephrology Hospital in Uvari and costal panchayat. The Epidemiological survey (including case enrolment and Co-hurt Studies) should be conducted in Uvari panchayat.

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International Journal of Sociology and Humanities
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S W P Prabakaran. Socio-economic status and chronic kidney disease problems among the fisher community in Uvari coastal panchayat of Tirunelveli district. Int. J. Sociol. Humanit. 2021;3(1):22-26. DOI: 10.33545/26648679.2021.v3.i1a.24
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