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International Journal of Sociology and Humanities

Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A (2021)

A universal appeal and influence of Shakespeare in Modern English Literature


Vibin Varghese, Dr. Syed Raza HAider


This study discusses William Shakespeare’s impact on modern English literature and language. The results of this study are useful for English language study specialists who are in charge of researching Shakespeare’s actual knowledge and disseminating it to contemporary culture. William Shakespeare has a strong allure for English students, English learners, English researchers, English language researchers, and English native or non-native speakers. Shakespeare is one of the most well-known and important playwrights and writers in the English language, which explains why. The English language needed to be more consistent before Shakespeare. His writings substantially contributed to standardising the English language, literature, spelling, and grammar. Shakespeare added about 1700 new terms to the language, many still in use today. Over the years, Shakespeare has significantly impacted poetry and literature. He used blank verses in a way that had never been done before and has since become the norm in poetry. Studying Shakespeare’s works is a crucial component of academic learning because of the significant impact of Shakespeare’s language on how we communicate today. The fact that Shakespearean languages, patterns, rhythms, and literary devices are still used in contemporary literature is a miracle and a mystery. William Shakespeare’s influence can be seen in contemporary dramas, films, the English language, Eastern and Western ideas, and more. Shakespeare’s works have impacted numerous renowned poets, playwrights, and novelists. Shakespeare has received numerous citations throughout the development of English literature. In both English and other languages, people frequently use his quotes. Among the most renowned playwrights in the world, William Shakespeare is often regarded as the best author of all time in the history of language and literature.

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International Journal of Sociology and Humanities
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Vibin Varghese, Dr. Syed Raza HAider. A universal appeal and influence of Shakespeare in Modern English Literature. Int. J. Sociol. Humanit. 2021;3(1):31-35. DOI: 10.33545/26648679.2021.v3.i1a.49
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