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International Journal of Sociology and Humanities

Vol. 6, Issue 1, Part A (2024)

Gender neutrality trend in today’s contemporary fashion: A sociological ornamentation


Dr. Chaitali Datta


Fashion denotes a way beyond simply wearing clothes. It is associated with words like trending, styling and elegancy, choice of clothing, wearable, and comfort. It is not just clothing but includes jewelry, makeup, hair styling, cosmetics, etc. Often, the fashion world is divided into two different categories essentially when it comes to the perspective of gender, namely, female fashion and male fashion. Whether it is the question of the type of clothes, clothing styles and colour, jewelry style, clothing styles, hairstyles, and makeup, there is a boundary in the line that prevails between masculine and feminist irrespective of caste, class, and community. Even in fashion, society has set distinguishing norms for the two genders, namely, male and female.
The rapid growth of the fashion industry in contemporary Indian society is due to digitalization, social media, and globalization. Fashion is changeable according to time, place, and purpose. With the development and change in society, the inclination to fashion trends is now advancing. There has now been visual gender neutrality in the fashion society. Today, the trends in unisex fashion have been increasing continuously among the present generation. The objective of this study is to explore the extent of prevailing gender neutrality in the fashion world of today’s contemporary Indian society.
This study is qualitative. The researcher extracted secondary data from published articles, posts on websites, social media platforms, online magazines, and shopping sites, and primary data through participant observations and informal interaction with customers and shop owners while visiting the shopping malls and markets.
Gender meaning is a social construction that distinguishes between males and females in terms of responsibility and roles. This distinguishment has a conspicuous impact on overall fashion trends between males and females. Now, post-modern contemporary Indian society is accepting the gender neutrality trending in today’s fashion world.

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International Journal of Sociology and Humanities
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Dr. Chaitali Datta. Gender neutrality trend in today’s contemporary fashion: A sociological ornamentation. Int. J. Sociol. Humanit. 2024;6(1):53-57. DOI: 10.33545/26648679.2024.v6.i1a.78
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